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This Saturday 4th November , Met Bar hosts dj Hans Nieswandt, 11pm onwards.

Starting at a tender age of 13, Hans Nieswandt wears several hats in the contemporary music industry. Probably best know for his work with his partners E Clarke/J Kohncke in Whirlpool Productions and their number 1 hit 'From: Disco to Disco,' various albums in group and solo, countless singles, remixes and dj tours, he is also well known for his writing. A couple of years ago, he wrote the publically & critically acclaimed book 'Plusminuseight - DJ Day, DJ Night,' as well as his earlier work as a music journalist and editor of respected magazine SPEX. Of late, DJ Hans has taken on more of an educator's role, and has been asked by Goethe Institute to tour, teach and carry out workshops around the world, (South America, Middles East, now Asia) in DJ arts, electronic music production, youth culture, fashion and social sciences. But ultimately, it is music that he loves, and to which he is in constant touch.

From early days, he was inevitably attracted to New Wave, Rap, Dance, and with the years, progressed to acid, deep, garage house. In the nineteies, an excursion into electronica in its various melodious funk forms followed and today, presents the weekly show 'electronic melodies' - a widely heard programme in mainstream German radio WDR 1. He holds a firm belief that contemporary Techno dance is a direct descendant of early 70s disco... .

Live, he draws on this rich vein of knowledge and experience and spins an inimitable, infectious and as cool as hell mix of Disco, House and Techno, the disco-tech.

See you there,
Met Bar

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